Confidence Can Even Come From The Universe

When I refer to the ‘universe’ as a concept in which to gain confidence, I really mean use all of your senses.  There have been so, so many instances in my life when I thought I had been dealt bad luck, only to find out that something better was yet to come.  I called it bad luck at the time because I didn’t use my senses to pick up on why I wasn’t ‘a winner’ in that situation.  When in reality, I didn’t attain a certain goal/prize/job because it wasn’t meant for me in the first place.  It helped that I was raised with the philosophy that everything happens for a reason.  The universe, to me, is when I connect everything around me to an event in my life.  It is something that is out of my hand, yet I know it’s directly related to my journey in life.  The following example may help to clear up what I am trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to convey.

In the year 2000, I applied for a job to consult at the state level.  I was in need of a change in education and thought it would be fun to work in the field for teachers.  If I were hired, I would be guaranteed my position back in the district after two years in the field.  I felt prepared on so many levels.  Several state administrators interviewed me in a panel forum, but I felt confident and self-assured because I passed the verbal and written portion of the exam with flying colors.  I was leaving for Costa Rica the next week, but the job wouldn’t start until the fall.  They assured me that I would receive a letter within a week or two.

Every day that I was in Costa Rica, I emailed my husband for any news.  Nothing.  Then one afternoon, when I was in an internet café, my husband attached the rejection letter.  It was a nice form letter, with no clue as to why I wasn’t hired.  I was crestfallen.  In that moment, a young barista brought me a cup of tea because he saw that I was upset.  When I looked up into that boy’s kind brown eyes, I felt a shift occur.  Like some kind of mystical experience due to a shaman’s secret elixir, it all became clear to me.  I wasn’t meant to get that job.  I was meant for something not yet known.  I dried my tears, hugged the young man, finished my tea, and walked out feeling like a new woman.

When I returned home, there was a fourth grade bilingual position open in the district.  I had been studying Spanish and really wanted to work with the Latino population in our area.  There it was.  Waiting just for me.  I worked in that position for 13 years before I retired.  Within those 13 years, my life was blessed beyond my expectations.  I can’t imagine not teaching those children or knowing their families.  I wouldn’t have written my children’s book or started my mentoring program.  I wouldn’t have made all my magical trips to Mexico and I wouldn’t have known so many incredible people.  I thank the Universe (also God to me) every day for the opportunities that do or do not come my way.  I am confident that my journey is crafted solely for me.